Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rabbit, tv & baking theme cupcakes (cuteness level: 100%!!)

This was also ordered from Tiffany, this set of cupcakes were for her aunt who's born in the year of the rabbit, & she has 2hobbies; baking & watching tv :P The initial plan was to have a cake with laces, & a 3D fondant rabbit in an apron holding a cake to represent her. But some canges in plan lead to this set of cupcakes.

I really really love the cupcakes...... i didnt want to deliver them & keep them for myself i got my dad to deliver them instead -_- I would say this is the best cupcake set i've done so far. I shall give myself a pat in the back...*pat pat* lol dem shiok sendiri :P Forgive me la, this is what happens when u spent nearly 10hours in the kitchen decorating cakes & cupcakes LOL

I applied some blusher for the rabbits to make them extra cute & look more realistic :D Since the original cake is supposed to have laces, i tried my best to put some on the cupcakes as well, notice the white piece of cloth thingy underneath the tv & the cake? it's suppose to be a small piece of lacey cloth, it didnt turn out really good :( So i decided to frill the sugarpaste of the wordings. Turned out looking like real cloth :) im happy!

The pinkish hue u can see on the frills of the wordings are also edible dusting powder, which i dusted on them to bring the frills out. Earlier when it was all white, u can't really see the frills. & instead of piping the happy birthday with buttercream, i took a risk & tried painting the words with edible food colouring instead :)

I just adore the mittens!! they have the lines on them like the real one :) If they were my size i would have used them :P

The rest of the deco; the tv, the bowl & spoon with a packet of flour in it, & the cake (far left) :)

It's been a fruitful & satisfying week for me. When u r doing something u really like, u will put your 100% into it. Since cake deco is my passion, u will never understand how happy & contented i feel when the decorated pieces turned out looking really good, & also the reactions ppl get when they see your work :) The feeling is just priceless.

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