Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Badminton Cake

Another order from Tiffany, for her uncle who loves badminton. It was a 6' round butter cake beneath all the decoration. The net was a real challenge, the small tiny square holes were cut one by one! Due to my butter fingers, it nearly tore when i wanted to stick it onto the cake..... luckily it didn't if not i would have spent another extra 30 minutes doing it all over again!

I was rather stressed out few days ago when i had to model the shuttlecock into a 3D piece. Piping it out with buttercream would be easy, but it doesn't look good. Since my dad plays badminton as well, i took out a shuttlecock & studied it trying to get every detail. U know how the shuttlecock's feathers look like? With the lines & all, i managed do it on the sugarpaste shuttlecock :)

Just got the hang of painting messages on the cakes with edible food colouring instead of piping. It looks much nicer & different compared to the conventional way of piping with a piping bag or cutting out each letters with cutters :)

Happy Birthday to u, Uncle Roger!

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