Thursday, July 30, 2009


These are a few sets of cupcakes i made recently, the sets were ordered from Nancy, Sallie, Hasnah & Rebecca.

Nancy was very supportive when i told her i stopped working & is doing my business now full time. She told me her daughter's birthday is coming up so she ordered a set for her. She left the deco up to me, so i came up with a Winter theme!! :) Ploar bears, eskimos, igloos, & seals!!!

Winter Cupcakes, butter cupcakes with lemon flavoured buttercream ;)

Love the fishing bear :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sallie wanted a set of cupcakes for her friend's daughter, no special occasion, just wanted to make her happy :) She requested for 3D modelling, my specialty especially when it comes to animals! :P i love making animals. So i came up with a garden/picnic theme, where animals are seen on the cucpakes, with bees on flowers, & some of them having a picnic! lol

I love the frog the most in this set :) :) :)

Bees paktor-ing haha! :P

The cupcakes, banana coffee cupcakes with choc frosting!

She told me that her friend's daughter & her own daughter loved the cupcakes so much that they didn't want to eat any of them til days later lol!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Another set of cupcakes was for Hasnah, who ordered for her husband's 60th birthday. She told me he likes the sea. Wanted to make the cupcakes just based on designs from under the sea, but didnt want to. Came up with a better idea, i made the cupcakes from the beach & slowly decending down to the bottom of the sea. I used different shades of blue showing the deepnest of the ocean :) Since it was for a 60 yr old, i didnt want to make the cupcakes too cute looking :P This set of cupcakes was more matured & subtle.

Another set of chocolate cupcakes with choc frosting ;) Many customers order chocolate for their cakes & cupcakes, the fav i would say!

Love the "sand" & sea-shells!! ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Another set were ordered by Rebecca for her colleage mates' farewell, as some of them are leaving for Aussie for their final year studies. She said they mainly study & party, so i made half of the cupcakes all on books & studying materials, while the other half were beers & cocktails.

Study Smart & Play Hard Cupcakes, another set of choc cupcakes with choc frosting :D

Beers & cocktails

Books, lecture notes, the Aussie flag cos they r going there for studies :P With laptops & notes as well

Monday, July 27, 2009

Steamboat Cake

Li Quan, an old school mate of mine came to me 2 weeks back, asking for a special cake for her bf's birthday. She told me somethings about him, & told me that he really like to eat steamboat! That sparked off something, & i suggested that i can make the steamboat pot, with all the steamboat ingredients :P So take a look at the outcome.

LOL!!! Wat do u think?? looks pretty realistic rite?? :P I managed to con my frens by showing them this pic, they really thought they were real...

I am a steamboat lover too, that's y i have the different types of fishball images in my head, & made it much easier for me to do each piece of deco :) All the fishballs are hand-made. No moulds or what-so-ever.

The cake :) Steamboat has never tasted so sweet lol

It was a choc cake with choc frosting under the deco. Feedback was good, the bf loved the cake, & her family were amazed to see such a cake, & they didnt wanna wat it cos it was too realistic :) She also said that the cake was yummy, but the icing was a tad sweet. I'll reduce sugar from now on!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Groovy cupcakes

This was an order from Mun Yee from PetNYou. The cupcakes made their way to Mid Valley on the 5th of July to the Pet World Malaysia 2009 exibition :)

Agility & Obedience competition were on that day, & my instructor was participating in some of the events & i must say they both excel in agility, they won but im not sure wat placing cos i went home early, as i was not feeling too good :(

Fawn, the bday boy really like dogs & agility. So i combined both & made the cupcakes based on the 2 themes. She asked for a specific amount of cupcakes to be all in one box & that signified his age :)

The cupcakes were choc & butter flavour. 16 cupcakes were the main deco, the rest were simple designs. I made half with a bone & dog food, & the other half with grass, & some flowers with butterflies. The reason i did that was becos agility is a sport which is always done outdoors on a field hence the grass & butterflies :) I made groovy, his beloved K9 companion, & some doggie toys & food & bed!, & some agility equipments (tunnel, the weave poles, the jump & tyre).

The Groovy cupcakes all in one big big box, the box measured 17" by 14" :P Silly me, I was rushing to send the cupcakes, cos i only finished them at 5pm when i was suppose to send them to MidValley at 630pm so i didnt take any decent pics.. should have took pics without the empty cupcakes containers, i put them there to preven the cupcakes from sliding -_-

The four dogs i made was actually his JRT named Groovy. Which is why i named this set of cupcakes, Groovy cupcakes! :)

Other than that, since the cupcakes numbers were rather odd, she asked me to seperately make & keep 7 cupcakes for her to bring home & she didnt mind with any design. So i made these for her :)

cute eh??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

You Will Never Walk Alone

My first ever football themed cake :P Was a liverpool cake, not Man Utd, a disappointment to many.. lol!!!

It was an order from my buddy Miss Selina Chew for her daddy dearest, who happens to be a huge liverpool fan. First it was suppose to be cupcakes, but she changed her mind, & wanted a cake. She is a very sweet daughter, cos she's not even in Msia cos she's studying abroad, but made sure her dad gets something special for his bday this year :)

It was a fruit cake heavily infused with rum, when i say heavy.. i meant it! :P Her dad took a bite & said he was dizzy after that.. lol!!!

One of the most challenging part in making the cake was the logo........ many ppl would either get something called an edible photo, where the logo would be printed on this piece of edible sheet, & paste it on the cake. Some will not even put the logo in, would just pipe the wording of the club on the cake.. I wanted it to look special & of course realistic, so i took a risk & tred hand painting it. Although it took me more than an hour to complete only the logo, i was happy with how it turned out. The phoenix/bird was the hardest to paint... i left that the last, cos i was worried that i may ruin the logo & i would have to start all over. thank goodness that didnt happened! :P

the edible logo

compare this to the real one below

The full view, it was the anfield stadium (liverpool's stadium) with a football (also took me one hour to complete.. -_-) & jersey. the cake board was dyed to be grass green with the grassy texture

Some other personal touches done to the cake was the number on the jersey, 58 was her dad's age, & jeffrey was his english name :)

She told me her dad was very excited & happy to receive the cake that he took many pics of it, mostly on the logo :P & the first thing he ate was his jersey! lol

Im happy to be able to make his bday this year a memorable one :)