Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Cake for CNY 2009

This was done for my CNY open house this year. I was cracking my head for the deco, at last i came up with the idea of oxes with the regular CNY things, firecrackers, gold nuggets and mandarin oranges :P This was the result:-

i like the ox which is trying to light up the firecracker the most :P lol

It was an orange sponge cake for a more festive mood!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bowling Cake

A past work of mine. For the bf who's exceptionally MAD about bowling. A 6" fruit cake infused with rum beneath the pins & balls :P
bowling cake
Everything on the cake were hand made from sugarpaste :) This was the first cake i decorate using fondant every since i learnt cake decoration from MIB. I was really happy with how it turned out :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Hawaiian Theme Birthday

This was an order from Ai Lin in January for a small get together for her friend's 24th birthday, & the theme was "Hawaiian". Here's the cake.
A 6" & 8" baked cheese cake under all the decorations. Cakes were decorated with buttercream. The blue borders on the cakes were suppose to be waves, but didn't really look like waves... -_-
The hula girl's skirt was hand made, all from sugar paste :)
Here's a pic of the bday girl. Ai Lin told me she adored the cake. Im glad :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Made Ice Cream

Ice cream... Cooling yummy delight on a hot sunny day :) A sweet indulgence to satisfy the sweet tooth in each & everyone of us
I made a 3 litres worth of ice cream just yesterday... The flavour i made was Rum and Raisin. Yes, there's alcohol in my ice cream, & i must say the flavour is really intense :D The difficult thing in making ice cream is to make sure the texture is smooth and creamy, not icy like the ice kacang type.. My ice cream is made without the ice cream machine like other home made ice creams. And no raw egg yolks are added into my ice cream..

If u don't know why i don't use raw eggs in any of my recipe, it's because raw eggs may contain a bacteria called salmonella which can cause blindness and even more severe, death. So my advice is to substitute any raw eggs in the recipe. Or better yet, find one which does not have any raw eggs in them!! If u insist in using raw eggs, buy pasturised eggs. These eggs are available in Jaya Jusco.
Anywayz back to my ice cream :)

A simple yet yummy outcome. Creamy & delicious... enuff said.
I am selling this of course, in 3.5 litre container. Other flavours include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, durian, cookies & cream and on the sourish side, passion fruit.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boobie Cake

Here is one of the cakes i did in the past before i created this blog :)

boobies cake

haha!! It was for Bryan's 23rd birthday last year :) He was pleased with the cake, but not really pleased when he was suppose to "pose" with the cake in Jarrod & Rawlin's with other restaurant goers looking at him. Good times, & really enjoyed the meal, which was on Bryan :P

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rabbit, tv & baking theme cupcakes (cuteness level: 100%!!)

This was also ordered from Tiffany, this set of cupcakes were for her aunt who's born in the year of the rabbit, & she has 2hobbies; baking & watching tv :P The initial plan was to have a cake with laces, & a 3D fondant rabbit in an apron holding a cake to represent her. But some canges in plan lead to this set of cupcakes.

I really really love the cupcakes...... i didnt want to deliver them & keep them for myself i got my dad to deliver them instead -_- I would say this is the best cupcake set i've done so far. I shall give myself a pat in the back...*pat pat* lol dem shiok sendiri :P Forgive me la, this is what happens when u spent nearly 10hours in the kitchen decorating cakes & cupcakes LOL

I applied some blusher for the rabbits to make them extra cute & look more realistic :D Since the original cake is supposed to have laces, i tried my best to put some on the cupcakes as well, notice the white piece of cloth thingy underneath the tv & the cake? it's suppose to be a small piece of lacey cloth, it didnt turn out really good :( So i decided to frill the sugarpaste of the wordings. Turned out looking like real cloth :) im happy!

The pinkish hue u can see on the frills of the wordings are also edible dusting powder, which i dusted on them to bring the frills out. Earlier when it was all white, u can't really see the frills. & instead of piping the happy birthday with buttercream, i took a risk & tried painting the words with edible food colouring instead :)

I just adore the mittens!! they have the lines on them like the real one :) If they were my size i would have used them :P

The rest of the deco; the tv, the bowl & spoon with a packet of flour in it, & the cake (far left) :)

It's been a fruitful & satisfying week for me. When u r doing something u really like, u will put your 100% into it. Since cake deco is my passion, u will never understand how happy & contented i feel when the decorated pieces turned out looking really good, & also the reactions ppl get when they see your work :) The feeling is just priceless.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Badminton Cake

Another order from Tiffany, for her uncle who loves badminton. It was a 6' round butter cake beneath all the decoration. The net was a real challenge, the small tiny square holes were cut one by one! Due to my butter fingers, it nearly tore when i wanted to stick it onto the cake..... luckily it didn't if not i would have spent another extra 30 minutes doing it all over again!

I was rather stressed out few days ago when i had to model the shuttlecock into a 3D piece. Piping it out with buttercream would be easy, but it doesn't look good. Since my dad plays badminton as well, i took out a shuttlecock & studied it trying to get every detail. U know how the shuttlecock's feathers look like? With the lines & all, i managed do it on the sugarpaste shuttlecock :)

Just got the hang of painting messages on the cakes with edible food colouring instead of piping. It looks much nicer & different compared to the conventional way of piping with a piping bag or cutting out each letters with cutters :)

Happy Birthday to u, Uncle Roger!

Doggie Theme Cupcakes

Susan is the manager of Pet&You (my dog's training school) and she just adores dogs. She has 5 doggies at home! It was her birthday on the 4th of March. Here are her cupcakes.

cute eh?

She has 2 Shih tzus, 2 Schnauzers and 1 Jack Russell Terrier. I transfered the respective dogs onto the cupcakes, together with their respective colours & names ;)

The human faces represent Susan's family members who bought her the cupcakes.

Here's a pic of the birthday girl with the cupcakes ;) Happy Birthday once again Susan!

I personally like the schnauzer & the JRT the best! hehehe I had a blast doing these set of cupcakes.

Thanx Tiffany for the order!! :)