Monday, May 31, 2010

Caleb's Jungle Animals Cake

A jungle animal theme 2 tier cake for baby Caleb :) Ordered by his mummy, Bee Leng. Celebration was at Marmalade Cafe, Bangsar Village II! Here are some pics:-

The cake was made following the animals in his invitation card.

Elephant in the water. Looks very much like water right? ;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Of Christmas and Mahjong

I am slacking i know!!!!! I just don't know why I can't move my butt to update me bloggie :(

Anyway, here is the cake & cupcakes I did for Randall's open house for Christmas :)

The 2 tier cake which gave me a huge headache... although i was fun to watch the kids and adults go "ooohhh" and "ahhhhhhh" when they saw it & when they were told everything was edible. It was a 6inch fruit cake with rum and a 10inch bailey's sugee almond cake.

The matching cupcakes! Made 70 to 80 of these babies if im not mistaken... and all were finished in less than an hour :P

Made a cake recently from my first ever customer, Tiffany Tan. Last year at one go she ordered 2 sets of cupcakes and a cake. This year she came back again for a mahjong cake for her bf's mum, Susan of Pet N You, where I take brandy for training. Such a small world huh?? :P

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chinese New Year Cookies

In conjunction with the Lunar New Year, .:Edible Art:. has started taking orders and selling CNY cookies!

*Best Seller*

Butter Cookies aka Melting Moments. Made from only butter, this butter cookie does not only taste buttery but melts in your mouth as well!

*Best Seller*

Rolled Pineapple Jam Tarts. The Jam filling for these are HOMEMADE not storebought so it is less sweet and really pineappley!

Kuih Bangkit. These white babies are famous among our parents and grandparents generation.

Chocolate Chip Walnut. A chocolate lover must have! Chocolate flavoured cookies with walnuts and chocolate chips. What's not to love? ;) & it's not too sweet as well!

Chocolate Chip Cookies. The old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Great for the sweet tooth of yours and yummy when eaten alone or dipped into a glass of milk! :)

The cookies are ranged from RM15 to RM19 per container.

The cookies are sold in the same sized container and only one size is available.

Place orders asap as I will not take in anymore once the quota is reached!

You will need to give me at least 3-4days to bake the cookies after placing your order, as everything are made to order, not ready made to maintain its freshness.

Self pick up is at Caltex Petrol Station, opposite of Sunway Pyramid. If you need me to deliver, delivery charges apply depending on location.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December's Corporate Orders

I've been missing in action for a LONG time & I apologise for that :P I've been kinda busy so... no postings on my blog. So here's some stuff I did for Christmas & the month of December 2009.

My first corporate order was from L'Oreal!!! They have this thing called Christmas Connect, & since it's Christmas, they gave away a goodie bag which consist of Toberlone choc, a candy cane, and my gingerbread cookie :) 200 pieces of these babies nearly made me faint.

Made 3 different designs :) Ppl liked the socks the best according to Liang Wei who ordered haha

All gingerbread cookies are individually sealed in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon

A few days after delivering the cookies, L'Oreal called again, this time it was from Kiehl's, a new brand under L'Oreal. They wanted 500 cookies with the brand's "K" on the cookies. They were for their Kiehl's counter in Sogo, to distribute to the crowd in conjunction with Christmas :) I had little elves to help me out (Randall, Lucas & Wyzek, Mum & Dad). Thank you to all 5 of u, without u guys I won't be able to finish them on time :)

250 pieces were in green while the other 250 were in red. Forgot to take picture of the red ones..

Kiehl's counter in Sogo