Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Made Ice Cream

Ice cream... Cooling yummy delight on a hot sunny day :) A sweet indulgence to satisfy the sweet tooth in each & everyone of us
I made a 3 litres worth of ice cream just yesterday... The flavour i made was Rum and Raisin. Yes, there's alcohol in my ice cream, & i must say the flavour is really intense :D The difficult thing in making ice cream is to make sure the texture is smooth and creamy, not icy like the ice kacang type.. My ice cream is made without the ice cream machine like other home made ice creams. And no raw egg yolks are added into my ice cream..

If u don't know why i don't use raw eggs in any of my recipe, it's because raw eggs may contain a bacteria called salmonella which can cause blindness and even more severe, death. So my advice is to substitute any raw eggs in the recipe. Or better yet, find one which does not have any raw eggs in them!! If u insist in using raw eggs, buy pasturised eggs. These eggs are available in Jaya Jusco.
Anywayz back to my ice cream :)

A simple yet yummy outcome. Creamy & delicious... enuff said.
I am selling this of course, in 3.5 litre container. Other flavours include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, durian, cookies & cream and on the sourish side, passion fruit.

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