Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pilot in the Jacuzzi

This cake was made for Wyzek, my fellow bowling buddy & also team mate. I recently bought a book on decorative cakes, & the content of the book were mostly adult themes. He asked me when was i making one.. hahah & he got one for his bday 2 weeks after :P

This is a pic of the cake before all the necessary deco are put on it, rather plain & dull rite?

The cake after all the deco have been put in place!

The guy in the jacuzzi is him (a pilot, as he has his cap) with 2 chicks chilling with some booze & others things :) Added tiles & steps on the cake to make it look more realistic. Other than that, i added the towel, sandals, beer bottles, spilled beer & the cutest... a rubber duckie!!!!

Also added some effect to make it look "wet". As u can see, wyzek's & the 2 chicks r all wet.. the tiles as well! :P Really having a lot of fun there.. lol

We decided to cut the cake after bowling, in A&W of all places... it was the school holiday week on a fri nite, so it was packed!! Packed with families.......... -_- hahaha ppl were looking at us.. & at the obscene cake :P It was fun tho. Happy Birthday once again :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chocolate cake with a twist

Moist Choc Cake with Biscuit. I have 3 orders of these to bake this week, a very very moist choc cake with layers of biscuit in it. Hard to explain so better to show pics rite? :P

This cake can be just eaten plain for tea, or revamped into a gift for bdays, or christmas :)

Simple yet expressive & chocolatey at the same time!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cake with soft toys & couple toppers

A cake for evelyn's bf's bday :) Everything on the cake were hand made. It was a real challenge cos she wanted the soft toys to look like those she had, so i followed precisely which includes the garments on them. I think the soft toys were all given to her by her bf, so on his bday she requested that i had all of them made & to be put onto his bday cake. Other than the toys, she wanted a yellow pillow, a car, a house & the msg "I Love You" to be on the cake. Everything on the cake represented them. So sweet!

I managed all the figures, but had a hard time coming up with where & how to put the I Love You on the cake.. but at last, thought of a very cute idea :) Made a clothes string & the cloth on the string, & had the msg on the cloth, like they were drying the piece of cloth :) :) i loved that piece of deco the most!!

The soft toys made into bite sizes :P

The real deals. Look alike?? ;)

The cake

Pictures of the soft toys were taken from evelyn's facebook. Her bf loved the chocolate cake with choc buttercream frosting alot according to her :) thanx again for the order!