Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Of Christmas and Mahjong

I am slacking i know!!!!! I just don't know why I can't move my butt to update me bloggie :(

Anyway, here is the cake & cupcakes I did for Randall's open house for Christmas :)

The 2 tier cake which gave me a huge headache... although i was fun to watch the kids and adults go "ooohhh" and "ahhhhhhh" when they saw it & when they were told everything was edible. It was a 6inch fruit cake with rum and a 10inch bailey's sugee almond cake.

The matching cupcakes! Made 70 to 80 of these babies if im not mistaken... and all were finished in less than an hour :P

Made a cake recently from my first ever customer, Tiffany Tan. Last year at one go she ordered 2 sets of cupcakes and a cake. This year she came back again for a mahjong cake for her bf's mum, Susan of Pet N You, where I take brandy for training. Such a small world huh?? :P