Sunday, August 23, 2009

My 1st 2-tiered Birthday Cake!!!

This was ordered by Ing Ay last weekend for her bro's 21st bday :) According to her, he likes dogs alot, so it was decided that the cake would be of a doggie theme!! I suggested to her that i will make 21 dogs to be place all around the cake to signify his age. Other than that, the doggies will be wearing party hats & will pose differently. It was for a party of 50 ppl! :D As a doggie lover, i searched the net and decided to make different breed of dogs, as many as i could handle :)

And only a few days before the delivery date, i was told that the cake will be travelling back to Port Dickson for the party O_0 At that moment i was kinda worried the cake may topple of some of the deco may get destroyed in the journey... But, it's another achievement cos this is the furthest my creation has travelled so far & nothing happened to the cake thank goodness.. hehe

I made the cake in a bright yellow colour for a more cheerful overall look and so that the dogs will stand out :)

The cake, i love the colours!! :) Can u spot the different breeds of dogs??

The schnauzer on top with a hat pointing at the number 21 :D love this dog the best!!

The complementing cupcakes :)

The breed of dogs on the cakes were JRT, west highland terrier, min pin, dashound, huskie, poodle, schnauzer, dalmation! :) hehehe

I have never kneaded so much icing in my life... a total of 2.5kgs of fondant..... to turn white fondant into bright yellow wasnt easy.. lol

The bottom was a 10 inch round sugee almond with bailey's cake while the 6 inch was a chocolate cake with choc forsting. I finished the cakes at 6am on the day of the delivery. Nevertheless, im very happy with how it turned out :) Hope the bday boy liked it was well.

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