Saturday, August 8, 2009

Center Stage Cake

Another quite last min cake! lol Im not complaining! I am happy that my business is slowly picking up :) sometimes it can really get out of hand, but i will somehow manage to pull through.

This cake was ordered by Chloe, for her cousin sis's birthday. She was very specific with wat she wanted, a cake which is a stage, with a girl, holding a throphy with a sash. & she also wanted 2 hand painted logos. The Allianz logo together with the MDRT logo.

The birthday girl works for Allianz, & i think she's one of the winners for the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) award, so Chloe wanted the cake to signify that :)

Center Stage Cake

The winner with the sash & throphy

The dark burgundy swags were dusted with lustre powder for a more glam look ;)

The hand painted logos on the left in comparison with the real logos

Bday girl with the cake ;) Thanx chloe for the pic

Chloe collected the cake in the morning, and called me back after 20 minutes telling me the birthday girl loves the cake alot, and the figure kinda looks like her lol they had a good laugh :)

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