Monday, July 27, 2009

Steamboat Cake

Li Quan, an old school mate of mine came to me 2 weeks back, asking for a special cake for her bf's birthday. She told me somethings about him, & told me that he really like to eat steamboat! That sparked off something, & i suggested that i can make the steamboat pot, with all the steamboat ingredients :P So take a look at the outcome.

LOL!!! Wat do u think?? looks pretty realistic rite?? :P I managed to con my frens by showing them this pic, they really thought they were real...

I am a steamboat lover too, that's y i have the different types of fishball images in my head, & made it much easier for me to do each piece of deco :) All the fishballs are hand-made. No moulds or what-so-ever.

The cake :) Steamboat has never tasted so sweet lol

It was a choc cake with choc frosting under the deco. Feedback was good, the bf loved the cake, & her family were amazed to see such a cake, & they didnt wanna wat it cos it was too realistic :) She also said that the cake was yummy, but the icing was a tad sweet. I'll reduce sugar from now on!

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