Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Groovy cupcakes

This was an order from Mun Yee from PetNYou. The cupcakes made their way to Mid Valley on the 5th of July to the Pet World Malaysia 2009 exibition :)

Agility & Obedience competition were on that day, & my instructor was participating in some of the events & i must say they both excel in agility, they won but im not sure wat placing cos i went home early, as i was not feeling too good :(

Fawn, the bday boy really like dogs & agility. So i combined both & made the cupcakes based on the 2 themes. She asked for a specific amount of cupcakes to be all in one box & that signified his age :)

The cupcakes were choc & butter flavour. 16 cupcakes were the main deco, the rest were simple designs. I made half with a bone & dog food, & the other half with grass, & some flowers with butterflies. The reason i did that was becos agility is a sport which is always done outdoors on a field hence the grass & butterflies :) I made groovy, his beloved K9 companion, & some doggie toys & food & bed!, & some agility equipments (tunnel, the weave poles, the jump & tyre).

The Groovy cupcakes all in one big big box, the box measured 17" by 14" :P Silly me, I was rushing to send the cupcakes, cos i only finished them at 5pm when i was suppose to send them to MidValley at 630pm so i didnt take any decent pics.. should have took pics without the empty cupcakes containers, i put them there to preven the cupcakes from sliding -_-

The four dogs i made was actually his JRT named Groovy. Which is why i named this set of cupcakes, Groovy cupcakes! :)

Other than that, since the cupcakes numbers were rather odd, she asked me to seperately make & keep 7 cupcakes for her to bring home & she didnt mind with any design. So i made these for her :)

cute eh??

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