Monday, October 5, 2009

MIA and thank you all for the support!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts for the month of September! It has been a busy-crazy-mooncake-baking frenzy in my kitchen. So, thank you as well to those of you who have showed your support & purchased my mooncakes!! :)

Here are some cakes/cupcakes I managed to squeeze in between the hectic September schedule.

These were made for a friend as a farewell gift. He left for UK to study, so I showed him a list of things that he's not suppose to do, and the only right thing to do is to study! :P


This pumpkin carriage was part of a princess themed cupcake set I made upon returning from Singapore for a short trip. My fav piece among all the other cupcakes :)


THIS SET followed me to Singapore for my friend who provided shelter & who was our tour guide :P Very X-rated i know.. i apologise, not my idea tho :P


This set of cupcakes were ordered by Kelvin for Brenda who just turned 16 few weeks back. She really enjoys shopping, and really likes designer handbags. She is also yearning for a puppy as her pet.

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